You wait an entire month for a prize. Then two come along at once! Apart from being able to win a WrapAround from our friends at Hockey WrapAround, we have also introduced our new feature for PickEm…THE MONEY GAME!

Get our standout game of the week 100% Correct (Score, Winner, Game Winning Goal, When the game ends) and you can win yourself a copy of NHL 18 on the Xbox One*.

So without any more waiting tt’s time for your week 6 set of predictions. We have teams that are struggling and teams that are in fine form, plus we board a plane to Sweden to watch a game that has an extra bit of spice to it after the Duchene trade!

But first check out our leaderboards for week 2 and see if you placed. (Click here to check out leaderboards)

Upcoming games..

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How do you make your predictions? Do you study the teams? Have a formula based on form? Or just because you like that player in that jersey? Why not tell us below in the comments.

Remember, as usual we want you to predict the following:

  1. The Winning Team (10 Pts)
  2. Predict the score (20 Pts)
  3. When the game will finish (5 Pts)
  4. Who will score the winning goal (15 Pts)

Now without further delay…It’s time to drop the puck!

*In the event of more than one 100% prediction in the Money Game the winner will be chosen at random from all those that got it correct.