Sport’s are always changing to keep the game as exciting as possible for the fans. We are no different, so we’ve streamlined our PickEm contest. Instead of having to predict four games for the entire week, we’ll come at you with one game at a time. Which means a much quicker pace for you to win prizes!

We have also added another way to pick up points, by getting our 50/50 question correct. It could be a simple yes or no, or a choice between two players. But it will be different each week to keep you on your toes.

This weeks game..

Keep an eye on our social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for info on how the community has voted for select games.

We have a new points scoring system:

  1. The Winning Team (2 Pts)
  2. Predict the score (5 Pts)
  3. When the game will finish (1 Pt)
  4. Who will score the winning goal (5 Pts)
  5. 5. 50/50 Question (2 Pts)

Now without further delay…It’s time to drop the puck!