We had some great entries into our Hockey Halloween Costume Challenge and not all of you went for the scare tactics! We narrowed our shortlist down to FIVE and eventually picked our winner from those.

So in reverse order…

5. AndyBielen – Puck to the head

We loved this, it’s a costume that has been done many times, but this effort really stood out.


4. Janelle Sisco – The Skating Dead

Hockey Zombies is another classic, but this hockey playing deadite still shows a passion for the game!


3. Jeffrey Dwyer – Bacon Skate Hire

Because who doesn’t love bacon!


2. eehjay – Patrick Kane

Are you sure you aren’t Patrick Kane?


1. Josh Roth – Stanley Cup

Our winner!!! And this is all down to Dad’s huge grin. We’re not sure it could be any wider if he had the actual Stanley Cup.


Well done to all who entered and especially to Josh and his daughter. Keep an eye on your email for details of your prize.

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